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The "TORSANLORENZO INTERNATIONAL PRIZE" arose from a deeply felt need in the professional and business worlds for a not merely virtual space in which to meet, talk, debate, and promote a new awareness of landscape.

All the professionals involved in the cultural and organisational aspects of the Prize have, in fact, referred to the need to promote the self-regenerating opportunities inherent in the environmental system, moving far beyond its mere safeguarding, important though that is.

To construct the landscape as a space in which to live, and build the city around it, or as a place that itself has the ability to powerfully rehabilitate an anthropised and suffocating environment, and makes it possible to disseminate consolation, hope and real moments of joy in all the surrounding environment.

Greater coordination between all the components, and addition of value to all the elements and distinctive requirements of sites may eliminate the featurelessness and culturally squalidity from which many projects in our country have suffered.

The effort to constitute what is seen as a practical opportunity to promote a “landscape culture” was first promoted with sincere enthusiasm by Mario Margheriti and immediately supported by the Prize secretariat, by the professional and other associations, and above all by the designers who have very generously made available the precious professional heritage of the work they have created for all the dissemination activities associated with the prize.

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