Prestige Prize

Since 2003 the “Prestige Prize” has been dedicated by Mario Margheriti to people and Institutions whose actions in diverse sectors and disciplines, have helped to contribute to the improvement of the environment, participating in this way, in the fulfilment, conservation and promotion of sound environmental practices and culture, but also to research and dissemination in these subjects.
The purpose of the Prestige Prize is to develop, exponentially, initiatives able to shape an environmentally conscious culture, an important instrument of social, regional, and town planning, which can contribute to economic and cultural growth, such to reflect the present day conditions. The international character of this prize wants to reflect our increasingly multiracial society, in which everyone is immersed and wherein it is possible to build bridges between different cultures. The prestige prize contributes therefore to the development of one shared eritage, starting from an assertion by Mario Margheriti: “We need efficient thinkers and bearers of everyone’s values, where respect, social and aesthetic issues are to the advantage of a collective world, with the common aim of responding to the world’s needs and the current state of emergency. Even from here”.

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