Winners. 2011 Edition

Landscape design and protection

Landscape design towards transformation of the territory, the culture of urban green, the design of private gardens and parks: these are the three fields of the Torsanlorenzo International Prize – Landscape design and protection, the initiative which, from 2003, has welcomed projects from all over the world in a competition which has rapidly gained reputation and esteem amongst in the world of nurseryman, having an authoritative space in the sector. The projects which reached the 2011 edition were judged by a highly qualified international Jury. As always this is the expression of the professional commitments by those working in the enhancement of landscape design.
In the proposed designs we find valid methods and innovative projects for the development of urban and suburban green spaces which give value to wards, squares, parks but also those green oasis, displaying attention to details. Enhancement open spaces through unusual designs, rethinking private gardens and parks making them places to be discovered and savoured, introducing colour chromatics and nuances, realised by using different species and giving shape to zones and paths otherwise inexistent: a professional who thinks about landscape in a new way realises new settings giving value to those items, in a way architectural and of landscape, that nature itself places at our disposal.
Talking of quality green spaces is giving way to creativity and value to aesthetics but also exploring security and environmental protection, reduction of expenses and optimization of maintenance from high quality design and interventions. The projects presented demonstrate a high level of designing skills as well as inventiveness, attention to detail providing a concrete contribution to harmonic value in restructuring and retrieval of the land and the environment. Each element of the environment becomes a kind of coloured pencil to draw spaces and new shapes which appear from the association of different plant species derived from seasonal cycles.
May 21st 2011 is definitively a new occasion the world of nurseryman, public green spaces and landscape to associate, listen to and know each other in the spirit of an event which is writing, year after year, its little story.


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